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FDB Certification
Latest Posted Companies
Atharva Shipping Pvt Ltd
Delinquent for   USD 1,705.00    (India)

Link & Express Services S.A.DE C.V
Delinquent for   USD 564.55    (El Salvador)

Delinquent for   SEK 14,948.51    (Belgium)

Royal Cargo Logistics
Delinquent for   EUR 6,075.80    (Peru)

Delinquent for   USD 990.00    (Brazil)

FDB Certification

Forwarders that are FDB Certified have passed a stringent vetting process by FDB. The certification process covers a wide range of verifications from proving a company pays their bills timely, has each certified office properly registered in the country of operation and any licenses or certifications listed have been verified as current.

The Logistics industry is plagued with dishonest companies due to the lack of policing of the forwarders.  Becoming FDB Certified signifies a company that can be trusted to handle business on behalf of others.

Companies that are FDB Certified are listed on the FDB website

The website has a summary list of FDB Certified companies on the public portion of the website. The detailed profile for each FDB Certified company is inside the secured area reserved for FDB Certified companies. This is to prevent the FDB Certified companies from being added to a spam listing.
Anyone seeking to make contact with a listed company will be instructed to log into the secure area if they have FDB certification credentials if not contact FDB. FDB will contact the certified company to inquire if they desire to communicate with the party inquiring or not.

New business opportunities

Companies that are FDB Certified can get inquiries from other FDB Certified companies. FDB receives requests for introductions to reputable forwarders daily. FDB only recommends a FDB Certified company.
FDB offers the public free collections services for any legitimate claim against a FDB Certified company. Some of the industry leading networks offer a member-to-member financial protection in various formats but that only covers their own certified companies and does not cover non-Certified companies or the shipping public. By FDB providing the public our recommendation to use a FDB Certified company and backing our recommendation with a free collection service against any FDB Certified company it will encourage the public to want to work with a FDB Certified companies.

New FDB Certifications are announced each month in the FDB Newsletter to our 50,000 plus subscribers worldwide.

FDB Collection Services No collection = No charge
We discount our rate for collected funds 40% to FDB Certified Companies from 25% to 15% of any amount collected.

FDB Certified companies gets Agent inquiries FREE

FDB Certified companies can request any history FDB may have on an agent or customer to help them make an informed credit/terms decision on behalf of their company. Companies with current installment plans and debts that are previously paid are not listed on the FDB website. Information on these firms can be supplied to FDB Certified companies upon request by the certified company. Non FDB Certified company’s inquiries will not be serviced

FDB Legal Network – Non-FDB Certified companies

FDB has attorneys that specialize in the logistics industry collections in over 100 countries. The FDB Legal Department coordinates with the law firm to help conclude a successful recovery. FDB Certified companies enjoy these services with no service fee.

Many attorneys work with FDB on a contingency basis for non-judicial collections. Cases that require judicial processing do have advanced costs for court filings etc and all attorneys require these charges up front. All Legal Fees and court costs for a judicial process are at the cost of the creditor regardless if they are a FDB member or not. The creditor has the option of approving these costs to proceed or discontinue judicial processing.

Special Alerts

Special Alerts are sent to FDB Certified companies anytime we have criminal activity or a fraudulent scam reported and investigated.

These types of frauds are generally not collectable debts, so before being reported to the FDB Certified companies they must be investigated to provide accurate information. FDB Certified company’s dues support this cost through their annual certification costs.

Vetting Process for FDB Certified companies

FDB Certified companies can arrange for FDB to perform a proper vetting process when beginning a new agent relationship. Cost is based on the type and depth of the vetting process the FDB Certified Company requires.

Use of as a collection tool
FDB Certified companies can add to the cc of their collection emails prior to submitting FDB a case. This has proven to be a very effective collection tool for many forwarders and networks. FDB does not allow a non-Certified company to use this address without having submitted a case to us.

FDB Certified companies Certificate

Certified Offices are provided the FDB certificate signifying them as a company that can be trusted to pay their bills timely and work in a positive manner to resolve any disputes that arise.

Free Collections service for any debt owed by an FDB Certified company

FDB puts each certification application through a vetting process to verify the integrity, ethics and payment history is of top quality before the company becomes a FDB Certified company.

Once FDB approves and lists a company as being FDB Certified, we will provide to the public (non-Certified companies) as well as FDB Certified companies free collection services for any legitimate case brought against a certified company. We make this offer knowing it will rarely be needed.