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Latest Posted Companies

Agile Global Logistics (Gangseogu)
Delinquent for   USD 4,180.20    (Brazil)

Eagle Logistics Maldives (Male, Maldives)
Delinquent for   EUR 190.39    (Maldives)

Techno Freight (Sharjah, UAE)
Delinquent for   USD 6,611.25    (United Arab Emirates)

Fair logistics & Movers Pakistan
Delinquent for   EUR 3,069.58      USD 1,770.00    (Pakistan)

Grupo SGL International, S.A. (Ciudad De Guatemala, Guatemala)
Delinquent for   EUR 19,642.25    (Guatemala)

How much does it cost to have a company listed as a delinquent payer?

We do not charge to list or post a debt, we also do not charge you anything if we are not successful in collecting your money. If we are successful in collecting your money we earn 25% of the amount collected. Prior to us listing or posting any debt we must verify the debt through the documentation submitted and then send a 10 day letter of demand for proof of payment or the payment to be made. We follow up with two reminders before the 10 days is completed and if the debt is not proven to be paid or paid within the 10 day period we post the debt. Note many cases are resolved prior to being posted.

How do I get paid?

We encourage the debtor to pay the creditor directly if the debtor pays us directly the amount received less our collection fee is sent to the creditor within 7 days of receipt of funds.

Why do you need to get a collection authorization letter?

The collection authorization letter (CAL) is required because it is what authorizes us to attempt to collect your money for you. Without a CAL we cannot contact the debtor on your behalf.

What documents do you need to open a case?

  1. Collection Authorization Letter (CAL)
  2. Billing invoices
  3. Shipping documentation
  4. Any communications regarding the shipment or debt 

Do you handle cases in a specific region?

We handle cases worldwide

Is there a minimum amount for a case to be filed?
We have no minimum amount we handle cases of all sizes.

How much do you charge to collect our money?

No recover means no cost if we are successful in collecting any funds for you our commission is 25% of any funds collected.

How do you get paid?

If the debtor pays you directly which is normally the case we invoice you and our terms are 30 days from the date you received the funds. If the debtor pays the debt to Freight Deadbeats ltd. you are sent the money less our fee within one week of receipt of funds.