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Delinquent for   USD 32,800.00    (Mexico)

Saudi Shipping Maritime Services
Delinquent for   EUR 19,847.00    (Saudi Arabia)

Eversail Logistics Inc
Delinquent for   EUR 5,445.00    (China)

Cargo Solutions Limited (Kampala, Uganda)
Delinquent for   USD 42,924.57    (Uganda)

Shanghai Insurance International Transportation Co. Ltd.
Delinquent for   USD 141,426.37    (China)

How do I start the onboarding process to become a FDB client?

  1. Please visit FDB home page and click on the “Report Debtor” tab to complete the application process. Remember to provide supporting documentation for each enrolled debt.

What is the cost of FDB Collections service?

  1. FDB will never charge upfront fees for service rendered until an agreement is reached between our client and the debtor.

How long does it take to list a company as a delinquent payer via deadbeat “Walk-of-Shame”?

  1. This time frame varies based on debtor communication and response time from date of enrollment. We give debtors a chance to work with us prior to negative exposure. Failure to comply will result in “Deadbeats Walk-of-Shame” and other social media platforms to include LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (Formally known as Twitter).

How will I get paid once an agreement is reached?

  1. FDB offers repayment arrangements (and settlement options on a case-by-case basis) to assist debtors who face financial hardship. Payments are validated via a copy of the SWIFT or Bank Wire TT or MT-103 which must be provided to FDB for tracking and auding purposes.

How long does the entire collection process take from start to finish?

  1. The length of time it may take to successfully complete FDB recovery may vary depending on multiple key factors to include but not limited to time of debt enrollment, negotiations, FDB repayment schedule, debtor communication and continued compliance, just to name a few. In most cases, FDB will determine if your profile is collectable within the first 30 days of enrollment.

Why is the Collection Authorization Letter (CAL) required?

  1. FDB requires the signed and stamped CAL along with supporting documentation as part of the enrollment onboarding process. The CAL allows FDB to represent you regarding all collection matters on the enrolled case (This does not include FDB legal services).

Can I cancel service at any time without penalty?

  1. There is no penalty for early termination, you can cancel enrollment at any time without cost or risk to you. If you cancel enrollment during any repayment scheduled agreement actively paying, FDB will invoice you our standard 25% fee for all monies collected leading up to the date of termination. If we don’t collect, we do not get paid.

What regions does FDB provide debt collection and recovery services for?

  1. FDB is number one in offering international debt collection and recovery service for logistic freight forwarding and network partnering communities in over 196 countries worldwide who use our platform to conduct internal investigation and background checks on businesses to determine eligibility, we are proud vender members of WCAworld the world’s leader in creating logistics partnerships.